Devolver “fully supports” ‘Loop Hero’ developer encouraging game’s piracy

The Russian studio recently told fans to "raise the pirate flag" if they couldn't buy the game due to sanctions

Publisher Devolver Digital says it “fully supports” Four Quarters suggesting that people pirate its game Loop Hero, as sanctions placed upon Russia makes purchasing the game difficult in certain regions.

Yesterday (March 30), Loop Hero developer Four Quarters told fans to “raise the pirate flag” if they wanted to play the game yet were unable to purchase it. As Four Quarters is a Russian studio, sanctions issued due to the country’s invasion of Ukraine currently make buying Loop Hero from certain regions difficult.

In a statement issued to PC Gamer, Loop Hero publisher Devolver Digital has shared that it “fully supports” the comment issued by Four Quarters.


“Devolver Digital fully supports Four Quarters as they navigate this incredibly difficult period,” reads the statement. “We’ve been communicating consistently with the team to help them wherever possible and were alerted of the statement ahead of time, which we back 100 per cent.”

Russian developer of ‘Loop Hero’ says to pirate the game due to sanctions
Loop Hero. Credit: Four Quarters.

While Loop Hero is still available on Steam and other platforms, it can be difficult to purchase from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, as many payment methods in the region have been affected by Russian sanctions.

It’s unclear if Four Quarters will receive payment for copies purchased on Steam, as Valve’s storefront is currently unable to pay developers based in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

Earlier in the month, developers based in Ukraine reported receiving an email from Valve that said it would be unable to pay them for purchases of their games on Steam.

Since then, Valve has confirmed that it is unable to make payments because of an issue with the company’s bank. Calling it a “very frustrating situation”, Valve has said it’s working on resolving the problem – though it won’t be fixed in time to issue payments due in March.


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