‘Disney Dreamlight Valley’ announces new Toy Story realm

Buzz and Woody can join your valley later this year

Disney Dreamlight Valley has shown a trailer for a new Toy Story realm coming to the game later this year at the first ever Disney and Marvel Games Showcase.

Disney Dreamlight Valley was released earlier this week (September 6) by developer and publisher Dreamloft and immediately smashed the Steam charts, soaring to number one after less than 24 hours. Reviews on Steam suggest that players are particular fans of the game’s comprehensive avatar editor and other customisation options.

The game is currently in early access with a full release planned in 2023, and leans heavily into Animal Crossing vibes with a hefty dose of inspiration from the likes of Stardew Valley and The Sims very evident. The life sim game features elements of crafting, cooking, fishing and more to give players plenty to do during their magical adventure.


A new trailer released at the Disney and Marvel Games Showcase shows the player shrinking down to enter the brand new Toy Story realm, encountering Buzz and Woody along their way. The new characters can be brought back to the player’s valley as permanent residents and will explore and interact with the other existing characters, including The Little Mermaid’s Ursula and Scar from The Lion King.

Also shown during the trailer were new fashion options including a black denim jacket with Woody’s iconic cowboy print and fringe, as well as an all-white Buzz Lightyear outfit with matching backpack and novelty wing adornments.

There’s no precise release date for the additional Toy Story content, but the trailer did promise “this fall” meaning players can invite Buzz and Woody to their valleys before the end of the year.

In other gaming news, Xbox and Twitch are teaming up to host the indie games showcase ID@Xbox next week on September 14. Games such as Metal: Hellsinger and You Suck at Parking will be making an appearance as well as information on future Game Pass titles.