‘Doom Eternal’ DLC teaser offers glimpse at massive showdown

A full trailer for the game’s final expansion will release tomorrow

Bethesda Softworks and id Software have released a new teaser trailer for the second DLC pack for Doom Eternal, titled The Ancient Gods Part II.

The short teaser trailer does not include a release date but offers players a new glimpse at the game’s antagonist and the foreshadowing of a massive showdown to wrap up the game’s storyline.


The teaser reveals a look at the DLC’s main villain, the Dark Lord, who will don a huge red body of armour. The game will also culminate in a massive battle that will seemingly involve the giant mech suits that were revealed in The Ancient Gods Part I.

The teaser also featured short flashes of gameplay that show off the Doom Slayer’s new weapon, the Sentinel Hammer. The Sentinel Hammer seems to be a sledgehammer variant of the Crucible sword, and will emit a shockwave upon impact.

It also appears as though Doom Slayer may receive new red armour, although it is currently unclear if the red armour will be an unlockable skin, or if it will be part of the campaign.

A full trailer for the DLC pack will release tomorrow (March 17). It is unknown at this time if a release date for the expansion will be announced.

The teaser and full trailer will come two weeks after it was reported that Doom Eternal made US$450million in the first nine months of its release. The game’s supposed revenue was shared by id Software’s former monetisation designer for the game in a now-deleted LinkedIn post.