Dr Disrespect says sniper headshots should be eliminations in all shooters

One shot, one kill?

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, A.K.A Dr Disrespect, the well known YouTube streamer and co-founder of Midnight Society, has weighed in on the state of snipers, and specifically their headshots.

In a short and simple Tweet from his account, Dr Disrespect states: “A headshot with a sniper should be an automatic knock or elimination in any video game.” Given that Dr. Disrespect is usually found streaming battle royale or first-person shooters on his YouTube channel, his Tweet was seen by many players of similar games, racking up over 165,000 likes at the time of writing.

In the replies, professional Call of Duty: Warzone player IceManIsaac was seen arguing a different point. He believes the one-shot potential of a sniper should be rewarded with the instant kill if the weapon “requires skill” to use.


He references the Kraber weapon from Apex Legends, which is much slower to fire but compensates for that with power. He then claims a “toddler could get a knock” with the MW Kar98k in Warzone due to its instant aim down sights capability, bullet velocity, plentiful ammo and strong aim assist whilst having no bullet drop.

Esports commentator Clint Evans was also in the replies, agreeing that when there’s “some skill to it” this rule should apply, but said he isn’t sure if he agrees in “some cases where it’s too easy”. Another follower said that “bullet drop and ballistics [are] needed in every game for [a] sniper,” continuing that this would make it a reward for being skillful with a sniper weapon.

It’s certainly not the first time Dr Disrespect has had an opinion that’s divided responses, and it’s doubtful it’ll be the last either.

In other gaming news, Valve has confirmed there will be further versions of the Steam Deck, commenting that the handheld PC is the start of a “multi-generational product line”.

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