‘Dragon Age 4’ to get new trailer at The Game Awards

The logo was revealed two years ago at the award show

Dragon Age 4 will be getting a new trailer reveal at The Game Awards, EA have confirmed.

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The announcement came on December 4, known in the community as Dragon Age Day, because of the D4 date.


So far, all we’ve seen of the new Dragon Age game are some brief snippets of the engine and character silhouettes at Gamescom.

Shortly after EA’s statement, Geoff Keighley, the event’s host, confirmed the news. It comes just as executive producer Mark Darrah left BioWare, alongside Mass Effect executive producer Casey Hudson.

BioWare also released a new collection of short stories set in the Dragon Age universe for Dragon Age Day. They said they hope the stories will “help paint the picture for the future of Dragon Age, including some insight into the next reveal at The Game Awards.”

Each story was written by a different member of the Dragon Age narrative team. These stories are The Next One by Bryanna Battye, Ruins Of Reality by John Dombrow, The Wake by Mary Kirby, and Minrathous Shadows by Sheryl Chee.

The previous game, Dragon Age: Inquisition, ended on a cliffhanger which revealed that party member Solas was hiding a secret about his identity.


Elsewhere at BioWare, the company has confirmed that it is working on a new Mass Effect game, which is currently being developed by a “veteran team”.

Dragon Age 4 was first announced at The Game Awards in 2018, though that included little more than a logo reveal. Following a behind the scenes look at Gamescom, 2020’s Game Awards trailer is expected to bring some more concrete details.

Whatever happens in the reveal, Greg Ellis may not be involved in the future. The voice actor behind Cullen landed himself in hot water after starting a Twitter argument by calling Darrah’s exit from BioWare “a relief.”

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