‘Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot’ Switch “announcement” was a mistake

But fans aren't buying it

Bandai Namco have rejected suggestions that Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is coming to Nintendo Switch, claiming the inclusion of the logo was a mistake.

A promotional video for Trunks: The Warrior of Hope, the latest and supposedly last Kakarot DLC, contained a brief image of the Switch logo alongside that of the Xbox, Playstation, and Steam.

Fans suggested this may have been a sign that Kakarot was finally coming to the Nintendo console, given that it runs on the same engine as Dragon Ball FighterZ which is already a Switch favourite.


The Kakarot advert was pulled quickly from Bandai Namco’s Latin American Instagram page where it was initially posted, but eagle-eyed fans had already taken screenshots.

A re-uploaded video showed content from Kakarot alongside cut-scene footage, letting fans know to expect the DLC’s release within the third quarter of 2021.

According to screenshots taken by one Twitter account, the Instagram page has addressed the video, saying it was a mistake to have included the Switch logo and that Kakarot would not be released on Switch.


Many comments on the Reddit r/NintendoSwitch thread have alluded to the “mistake” being the leaking of the information early, rather than the inclusion of the information itself.

Reddit user Ljink suggested the distinction that “as of now officially it’s not coming to Switch. That will probably change soon”.

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