‘Dungleon’ is a ‘Wordle’-like that uses fantasy characters instead of words

A Wordle-like? A Wordlike? Or a Wordslike?

Yet another spin-off of the word-a-day guessing game Wordle has hit the internet, as the aptly named Dungleon turns the formula into a dungeon crawler.

Players pick between a number of characters on a keyboard, and just like Wordle they’re shown to either be not in the “word”, somewhere else on the board, or not in that day’s result entirely.

Dungleon differs from Wordle though, as it has a few extra rules. These can range from things like each set having at least one hero and monster, certain pieces only appearing in combination with others, and other pieces only ever showing up in specific places.


There are also “magic spells” in Dungleon that offer extra help typically not found in Wordle, which can assist players in figuring out the last few dungeon pieces.

You can play Dungleon here (via PC Gamer).


Since Wordle released there have been plenty of Wordle-likes emerging, like a version that uses countries instead of words, or one that uses the lyrics of Taylor Swift.

Recently The New York Times purchased Wordle from creator Josh Wardle for somewhere “in the low seven figures,” and eager players are concerned that at some point in the near future the game will stop being easily playable for free online.


The NYT did say at time of purchase that the game will “initially remain free to new and existing players,” whilst Wardle said that “when the game moves to the NYT site, it will be free to play for everyone.”

A Wordle player even did the maths and figured out what the statistically best starting word to use is, all it took was the testing of over 12,000 words.

In other news, leadership staff at Activision Blizzard are “under scrutiny” according to Microsoft, following last month’s acquisition.

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