‘DwarfHeim’ leaves Early Access this month after almost a year

DwarfHeim allows friends to play for free as long as one of them owns the game

The co-op real-time strategy game, DwarfHeim, has left Steam Early Access this month after just under a year.

DwarfHeim combines traditional RTS gameplay with a unique co-op mechanic that allows three players to work together as a team. The three players act as a single base, with each having their own role in the team – Builder, Miner, and Warrior. Together they reinforce and defend their base, using raw materials to create advanced equipment.


Teams of three can be composed of three online players, with only one owning the game. Friends can be invited to play alongside even if they have not yet purchased DwarfHeim for themselves.

DwarfHeim includes three single-player modes also, Survival, Skirmish, and Sandbox. Survival is a “gruelling and fast-paced challenge mode” that allows players to challenge themselves and “try to outlive the onslaught of troll waves.” Skirmish pits players against an AI-controlled clan across a series of maps, attempting to take out the competition before they reach their own team, and Sandbox is a more relaxed mode allowing players to expand their base on their own terms.

Currently, DwarfHeim has Mostly Positive reviews on Steam, and will be available at a discounted price until 4 October.

In other gaming news, Isometric MMO shooter Foxhole now gives players the ability to dig actual Foxholes in a digging mechanics overhaul.

The Foxhole update, titled Entrenched, will completely revamp the digging mechanics, allowing players to make new defensive shapes and add useful upgrades to their trenches. These include searchlights, sandbags, barbed wire, and radar facilities.

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