‘Dying Light 2’ co-op and in-game redeeming fixes “the top of the list”

The game released on February 4

According to an update from developer Techland, issues concerning co-op play and “problems with redeeming rewards” are the top of the list to be fixed in Dying Light 2.

A tweet from launch day (February 4) has talked about some of the major issues players are facing in the game, and assures that Techland aims to fix them. This follows news that the game had a day one patch featuring over 1,000 fixes.

The official Dying Light Twitter said: “Dear gamers, thank you for your feedback. Two things on the top of our list: disconnects in co-op mode and problems with redeeming awards, codes, and other in-game content, including Twitch Drops from TechlandGG. Our team is on it. We will update you on the progress.”


Techland asked players who had early copies to wait for the release date, as plenty of fixes were dropping with the aforementioned day one patch.

The Dying Light subreddit currently has a mega-thread concerning issues and bugs in the game, with many fans highlighting issues they’ve been having in the hope that Techland can see them and get them fixed.

NME also recently sat down for an interview with Jonah Scott, who plays the lead protagonist Aiden Caldwell in Dying Light 2. Scott talked about what it takes to kill someone, doing parkour in the recording booth, and more.

“When I was doing those [scratch vocals] I had this, like, bar in my closet where I would hang my clothes,” Scott said. “I really wanted to impress the producers of Techland. So in my idiocy or genius, either one, when I was doing these in-game efforts I would grab onto this bar and I would have the mic in front of me and I would actually hang from this clothing bar having real physical exertions. As I was doing it I turned on my camera for the dialogue editor, just to show him how dedicated I was.”


In other news, the newest Skate game is “launching soon” according to EA, and it’ll include the series staple of user-generated content.