‘Dying Light 2’ content roadmap revealed by Techland

There’s a mix of free and paid content coming throughout 2022

A content roadmap has been released for next month’s Dying Light 2 by developer Techland.

Earlier in the month it was revealed that Dying Light 2 was going to receive five years of additional content, even as the original Dying Light had new events as late as last year. As illustrated in a tweet, there’s a lot of content coming in 2022 and beyond for the game:

  • February: Factions-inspired free DLCs
  • March: Set of challenges 1
  • April: Series of events-mutated infected
  • May: Set of challenges 2
  • June: First paid story DLC

There’s even more beyond that too, although a more specific roadmap is yet to detail the release order. Techland confirms that a second paid story DLC, new weapons, new enemies, new stories, new events and more will be coming down the line.


Dying Light 2 will apparently take around 20 hours to complete if the player just focuses on the story, and up to 500 hours if they do absolutely everything else as well.

The cloud-based Nintendo Switch version of Dying Light 2 has been delayed however, and will now release “within six months from the original date”. Techland says this has been done “in order to provide fans with the gaming experience at the level they deserve and that Techland wants to provide.”

In the NME preview of the game, we said it “isn’t going to change the world, but it’s going to be a gory fun time – especially if you like your undead action fast, furious and frantic.”

Dying Light 2 releases on February 4 for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4 and PS5. As mentioned, the Nintendo Switch version has been delayed.


In other news, Activision chose not to recognise the Game Workers Alliance union, so it will now instead file under the NLRB.

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