‘Dying Light 2’ gameplay video pairs scenic paragliding with brutal combat

With the quest revolving around a power cut, the video quite literally shows off Dying Light

The latest gameplay video for Dying Light 2 has revealed plenty of the survival game’s vertical exploration and violent clashes, as an entire quest gets shared for players to watch.

Posted yesterday, the Dying Light 2 gameplay video sits at 16 minutes long and gives one of the most comprehensive looks at The City so far. The video shows someone completing the quest ‘A Place To Call Home’, which sees protagonist Aiden help Lawan (played by Rosario Dawson) restore electricity to The City.


This involves getting to an electrical substation that needs switched back on, but the real fun is in watching Aiden get there. With a paraglider like the one in Breath Of The Wild, Aiden is able to navigate vast swathes of The City without setting foot on the ground. It’s impressive to see that much of Dying Light 2 has been designed as a vertical platformer, as some buildings look like they can only be entered via broken windows that would otherwise be unreachable.

Some of these buildings happen to be infested with zombies, who – while slumbering – still pose a challenge that requires both graphic violence and a bit of running away to navigate.

Once at the power station, Aiden runs into the Peacekeepers – another Dying Light 2 faction who are also there to restore the electricity. It doesn’t go unchallenged, and soon they’re in a heated fight with another human faction. Once that’s dealt with, the gameplay video returns to watching Aiden clamber around the power station to restore power. It then shows the player make a decision on who to hand over the newly-functioning station to, which shows a glimpse of faction-based decision making in the game.

Back in November, Techland shared a video on what The City’s open world will look like.

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