‘Dying Light 2’ will have accessibility options and a fully customisable HUD

Players were dying to not see health bars

Following comments from players who were unhappy that HUD elements, such as health bars and hints, were constantly visible, Techland has introduced the option to customise it in Dying Light 2: Stay Human.

In the fifth episode of Dying 2 Know More, a YouTube series of developer logs surrounding upcoming release Dying Light 2, UI producer, Agata Sykula, discussed the in-game user interface and the feedback Techland has had from thousands of players. Given the desire for Dying Light 2 to be for “everyone” it rethought the visibility of the HUD.


In the video she says that while some players want the immersion gained from removing the UI others unfamiliar with the game want as much information as possible. As such it is implementing ways within the options to customise which parts of the UI are visible.

This change to the UI follows comments from fans who did not want health bars to be visible while playing, with Techland deciding to give the player the option to remove them. Agata was proud of the UI elements implemented and how they trigger dynamically with the music but knows that user preference comes first.

Also discussed was accessibility options which would be included in Dying Light 2. Colour options for the UI have been implemented but Agata is still looking into how to implement these optimally for colour-blind players. QTEs will have the option to be held or tapped, and there will also be a controller layout designed for left-handed players.

The video finished by announcing that pre-orders for the game would be open soon.  Dying Light 2: Stay Human will be released on February 4, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and will be available for streaming on Nintendo Switch.

In other news, EA had built a beta version of a Harry Potter themed MMO, but dropped the project believing that the franchise would only last “a year or two”.