‘Dying Light 2’ will receive five years of additional content

Three cheers for five years

Techland has announced that Dying Light 2 will receive five years of support after the game launches next month.

In a Tweet, Techland revealed the “Five Years of Dying Light 2: Stay Human.” A developer tweeted the image saying, “We’ll be committing to 5 years of game support post-launch, which means:

  • More Story DLCs
  • More Events
  • More Locations
  • More in-game items

“Personally, this is one of the main reasons why I joined Techland in the first place. Gamers first,” they added


It is unclear if the story DLCs will be paid for the same way that Dying Light: The Following was. However, Techland provided an impressive amount of post-launch content for Dying Light, adding weapons and cosmetics as late as last year.

Recently, Techland revealed that Dying Light 2 would contain full four-player co-op. Players will be able to keep their personal items and progress when joining another player’s game. However, story choices would not come over with them. If a narrative choice comes up while playing in co-op, each player in the lobby will be able to vote on the outcome, with the host having the final say.

Techland also recently announced that Dying Light 2 would take over 500 hours to complete. They compared this to the amount of time it would take to walk from Warsaw to Madrid. However, they later had to clarify that this was only if players chose to complete every side quest, find every item, and fully complete the game. For those wanting to stick to the story, Dying Light 2 will take 20 hours, while all story and side content together clocks in at 80 hours.

In other news, Nvidia has said that graphics card supply may improve this year. In a conference call, it was stated that “We had seen channel levels be quite lean, and we are working with our supply chain partners to increase the availability of supply. And we feel better about our supply situation as we move into the second half of the calendar year [2022].”

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