‘Dying Light’ receives free PS5 upgrade with Xbox Series X|S to follow

An Xbox upgrade is due in “a few days”

The original Dying Light has been updated on PS5 with what developer Techland is calling the “next-gen upgrade”, bringing it right up to date with modern enhancements.

This upgrade adds multiple new options for both PS5 and PS4 Pro, while the Xbox upgrade is apparently due in “just a few days” according to a press release. On PS5, there are three new video modes for Dying Light, with performance mode offering a full 60FPS refresh rate in “Full HD”. There’s also a balanced mode which targets 60FPS in “QHD”, which stands for “quad high-definition”, which is essentially a standard between 1080p and 4K. It’s basically 2K or 1440p.

The final PS5 mode is high-resolution, which makes the game run at 30FPS but with a 4K resolution. All of these modes will be the same on Xbox Series X when the upgrade hits there in a few days.


The Dying Light next-gen upgrade
Dying Light. Credit: Techland

The PS4 Pro mode is fairly simple, as it just adds an improved 30FPS cap, while the Xbox Series S and Xbox One consoles will be getting a performance mode offering 30FPS in full HD, and a high-resolution mode that targets 30FPS in that “QHD” resolution, again.

The free update comes right after Dying Light 2 Stay Human was released, with the developer making it clear this is for the original 2015 game. Taking to Twitter, Techland said: “Guys please keep in mind that this is a patch for Dying Light, therefore we mention Harran. [A] Dying Light 2 Stay Human patch is coming soon, stay tuned!”

NME’s Jake Tucker gave Dying Light 2 Stay Human a three star review, saying: “If you enjoyed Dying Light, you’ll probably manage to get a kick out of what has been achieved here, but outside of major style points for the franchise’s relocation to Villedor, what I saw here was more of the same, with a couple of neat ideas buried under a ton of odd junk.”

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