EA confirms ‘Battlefield 6’ reveal event ahead of E3 2021

Footage of 'Battlefield 6' leaked online last week

After weeks of leaks and speculation, EA has confirmed it will reveal Battlefield 6 in June ahead of E3 2021.

EA confirmed the event on Twitter earlier today (June 1), announcing a June 9 date for the Battlefield 6 reveal.


A video attached to the tweet features the time and date of the reveal alongside a Battlefield logo. The reveal will premiere Wednesday, June 9 at 7am PDT and 4pm CEST. Fans in the United Kingdom can watch the trailer at 3pm BST.

The announcement follows weeks of leaks regarding the upcoming game. Footage of the trailer, which could release on June 9, was leaked online last week.

Originally posted on Reddit, the clip featured an epilepsy warning due to numerous flashing images and dropped frames. The footage in the leaked clip shows an assault on a tropical island in a near-future setting.

According to a now-deleted tweet by leaker Tom Henderson, Battlefield 6 will feature 128-players maps, harsh weather conditions and could include a battle royale mode.

Battlefield 6 reportedly has the largest development team in the series’ history. EA announced earlier this year that Criterion Games, the team behind the Need For Speed series, was working alongside DICE on the new Battlefield game.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered. Credit: Electronic Arts (EA).


EA’s June 9 event lands just three days before this year’s all-digital E3 event. It’s likely we will see additional footage of Battlefield 6 during E3.

EA showed footage of Battlefield V in action during Microsoft’s Xbox conference during E3 2019.

In other gaming news, Life is Strange developer Dontnod Entertainment is offering supernatural episodic adventure Tell Me Why for free on PC.

All three episodes of the 2020 hit title will be available for anyone to add to their collection permanently throughout June.

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