EA expects ‘Battlefield 2042’ to “continue to grow” for years to come

According to EA'S CEO, Andrew Wilson, in a recent earnings call

EA has stated that it expects Battlefield 2042 to “continue to grow” and be a “really important part” of its portfolio.

During its quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, EA reinforced that it is committed to the beleaguered game for the long-term. In a statement originally transcribed by VGC, CEO, Andrew Wilson, explained that “we take the long view here”.

He added that “this is one of the great franchises of our industry, built by one of the great teams in the industry, and our expectations are it’s going to continue to grow and be a really important part of our portfolio for many, many years to come”.


Wilson explained that “we’ve got incredible leadership of that team now”. “They’re rethinking the development process from the ground up, and really using kind of the Vince Zampella/Respawn model of ‘get to the fun as quickly as possible’,” he concluded.

Battlefield 2042
Battlefield 2042. Credit: EA Dice

Following from that declaration, Wilson also pointed out the “thousands of updates for the community” that have been conducted. Although, he also noted that “there’s still more work for us to do there”.

The aim is to “invest and grow beyond where the game is at today”, according to the EA CEO.

Back in April, update 4.0 for Battlefield 2042 added “over 400” improvements on top of many other tweaks since the game’s launch last year.

Rumours suggest that Battlefield 2042 may also be coming to Xbox Game Pass in the near future which could bolster its popularity. Recently, SteamDB player charts have suggested that the game is only attracting up to 2,500 players at most each day on PC.


In other gaming news, FIFA has announced that it will continue to make “the best” football games following its split from EA. The company also plans to work on a number of new non-simulation games. The games are “already under production and will launch during the third quarter of this year”.