EA is “investigating” high profile ‘FIFA 22’ hacking reports

One of the hacking victims has called EA's statement an "absolute disgrace"

EA has confirmed that it is “investigating” reports of players who are having their accounts hacked in FIFA 22, however not everyone is happy with the company’s response.

In a statement provided to Dexerto, EA said: “We’ve been made aware of recent account takeover attempts and are currently investigating”.

The studio also linked to this support page and said “more information on how to secure your account, including how to enable two-factor authentication can be found here,” suggesting that EA believes some players may need to do more to protect their accounts.


In response to EA’s suggestion, prominent FIFA trader FUT Donkey shared the following:

“Just woke up, the statement by EA is an absolute disgrace. Every single one of us T100 traders/content creators who got hacked had 2FA on, stop trying to gaslight us. Clearly they think they’re above the law or simply don’t care.”

FIFA 22 Player Select Right Stick
FIFA 22. Credit: EA Sports

Earlier in the week, FUT Donkey said “EA leaked my email address to some random guy with no verification or anything” and accused EA of “breaking GDPR laws”.

FIFA 22 traders claim that hackers are targeting their accounts and wiping their in-game currency, in some cases costing the traders thousands of pounds-worth of in-game currency.

These hackers are apparently using the game’s leaderboard to identify top players, and then use EA’s support system to claim it’s their account and they have been locked out. In several cases, it seems an EA advisor has then given hackers access to the account – which gives them a chance to steal or remove anything valuable.


In other news, PUBG Mobile has been awarded £7.3million in damages following a lawsuit against a hacker group. The hackers, responsible for creating and distributing cheats for the battle royale, must now halt all cheat-related activities and name any collaborators.