EA’s share price dropped thanks to the ‘Battlefield 2042’ delay

Likely to bounce back in time

News that Battlefield 2042 has been delayed has caused EA‘s share price to drop 7 per cent, though the share price has already rebounded a little.

In a complicated time for EA, the company saw its shares dip as much as 7 per cent to an intraday low of $135.84 (first spotted by VGC) as rumours suggested that the game could be delayed until 2022.

Once news emerged that the delay wasn’t as bad as first thought and that the game would still launch in 2021 albeit a month later than planned, the shares rebounded 3 per cent immediately.


While EA’s shares have not recovered to their initial levels pre-Battlefield 2042 rumours, it seems likely they will eventually bounce back fully.

As pointed out in a tweet to Jeff Grubb, the VentureBeat journalist who first suggested that a delay was imminent for Battlefield 2042, such a share drop still “knocked like $2B off $EA market cap”.

Grubb’s comeback was to point out how it was an “insane overreaction” to the news.

Fortunately, while Battlefield 2042 is delayed until November 19, it’s nowhere near as bad as early suggestions of a delay into 2022.

In the meantime, players can enjoy gameplay footage that highlights four new specialists and EA Dice has promised more news on the open beta later this month.


A past closed beta led to the sharing of technical playtest footage online although EA was swift to point out that breaking that particular beta NDA could lead to a ban from the full game.

In other news, Amazon Games has hired Ubisoft executive, Alexandre Parizeau, to lead a “competitive multiplayer” as his first project.

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