East Side Games CEO raises concerns with job listing comments

Sashay away

Public comments made by Gilbert Jason Bailey, the founder of East Side Games, about a recent job posting has rung alarm bells.

A Facebook post by the founder of mobile developer on his public profile has raised concerns over the position. Asking for a personal assistant, Bailey opens the post by asking for candidates to be “Able to deal with a maniac with delusions of grandeur. Easily able to adapt to hours of boredom followed by moments of absolute frenzy.”

Former employee, Jarrett Poole, tweeted about the announcement urging those considering it not to apply. He went on the clarify in the thread, “I want to be clear about one thing. Back when I worked at ESG, there were a ton of great, hardworking individuals there. Many I still consider my dearest friends. Unfortunately, I had to witness many of them overworked, underpaid, and sometimes, reduced to tears.”


East Side Games is a Canadian mobile publisher, known for licensed games for shows such as The Office, RuPaul’s Drag Race, and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. The post which describes being able to pilot boats as a “BIG plus” rambles incoherently with comments concerning duties such as:

Recording and communicating inane thoughts to a team of 200 and then hopping on a plane to who knows where to buy me an Ă©clair I saw in a shop window ‘somewhere’ in France, it could have been Marseille, but maybe Montpellier. It definitely started with an M.”

Most concerning is Bailey’s comments surrounding Entourage’s Ari and Lloyd which reference abuse. “Think Ari and Lloyd without the abusive language and power dynamics. Ari is nothing without Lloyd, and Lloyd was the real star of that team.”

Bailey has commented describing concerns as attempting to “therapist shame” the CEO, confirming he is currently in therapy.


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