‘eFootball’ version 1.0 launches later this month

Gameplay improvements, a new mode, and more

Konami has confirmed that eFootball version 1.0 will be launching later this month, which brings a number of updates to the game.

The free-to-play football game will receive its 1.0 update April 14, as announced through the game’s official Twitter account. A thread from the account also detailed what players can expect from the update.

“Driven by feedback received from our users, we have worked on fixing bugs, adjusting the game balance, and adding new elements to the game to make it even more enjoyable for our users,” reads one tweet in the thread.


This update for eFootball will also introduce the “Dream Team” mode which was previously introduced as “Creative Team.”

In a post on the official eFootball website, the “Dream Team” mode is described as a one where you can “Build your one and only Dream Team, with your favourite players as well as players you have developed, and bring your own style of football to life.” Players will be able to compete against other “Dream Teams” from around the world.

A number of gameplay changes have also been implemented for this update of eFootball. For one, changes to defending controls are being put into place, as well as the addition of “Call For Pressure”, which will see teammates work together to regain possession of the ball. The default button settings have been changed to make defending more intuitive.

Improvements for passing have also been made in eFootball. The pass speed has generally been increased, as that was one of the larger criticisms of the game. And a “Stunning Pass” has also been added, which allows the player to kick the ball with various special trajectories.

Online connectivity has also been improved for this update, by adopting a client-server system, to help stabilise connections and to reduce the number of voided matches.


A brief update was also provided on the mobile version of eFootball, in which Konami apologised for the delay of the game, and said that an announcement regarding its release will be made soon.

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