‘Elden Ring’ could be appearing at E3 2021

Stop me if you've heard this one before - Elden Ring may be announced soon.

A growing list of evidence suggests that Elden Ring could finally, finally be revealed at E3 2021.

Thanks to some keen eyes at PCGamesN, fans may have some hope – once again – that Elden Ring, the next game developed by FromSoftware, will be seeing the light shortly.

Fans of Elden Ring have been waiting a long time for any sort of news on the upcoming game, which will see game director Hidetaka Miyazaki join forces with novelist George R.R. Martin.


Expectations have been rising since Tuesday (June 2), when the very patient ‘Elden Ring News’ channel posted this video on YouTube:

The Summer Game Fest in reference is an event beginning next Thursday (June 10) that aims to showcase upcoming games.

Even better for Elden Ring fans – Jeff Grubb, a typically reliable leaker in the industry, shared a tweet from Mordecai (the owner of Elden Ring News) sharing the sentiment that something seemed to be happening in regards to Elden Ring.

While this might seem like a vague suggestion, looking at Mordecai’s tweet reveals that the first letter of each word spells out ‘Eight days’. Using our marvelous detective skills, we can reveal that – you guessed it – the Summer Games Fest kicks off just eight days from the time that tweet was sent.


Still not convinced? Geoff Keighley himself – the host of Summer Game Fest 2021 – also joined in, sharing a photo of a ring of fire solar eclipse.

Could it be a stretch? A cruel joke, perhaps? Maybe – but all signs definitely seem to be pointing toward something. Regardless – why don’t we just give Elden Ring fans this one and let them hope? They’ve been waiting for years – they deserve it.

While they may have been silent on Elden Ring, fans of FromSoftware’s games are still happily enjoying the recent remake of Demon’s Souls this comparison video highlights the remake’s improvements.