‘Elden Ring’ patch 1.06 makes summoning easier for friends (and foes)

Make friends with fellow Tarnished!

A new patch for Elden Ring has made changes to the summoning and invasion systems, making it easier to use the game’s multiplayer mechanics.

For starters, players are now able to send co-op signs to summoning pools in multiple and distant areas. This greatly increases the number of areas where your summoning sign can be seen. Similarly, invasions now cover multiple areas and can be triggered in distant areas.

Patch 1.06 is the latest to come to Elden Ring, bringing a range of adjustments to weapons, abilities and more. The key focus is on the multiplayer systems. You can read the full patch notes here, but these are the highlights:


Elden Ring Malenia
Elden Ring. Credit: FromSoftware

  • Added the function to send summoning signs to summoning pools in multiple areas, including distant areas.
  • Added the function to invade a larger area, including distant areas
  • Increased the range of Ash of War “Glintstone Pebble” and “Glintstone Dart” projectile while decreasing the damage and stagger power
  • Decreased the travel distance and invincibility frames of Ash of War “Bloodhound Step”
  • Shortened the activation interval when using “Quick Step” skill in succession, increasing its ability to circle around the enemy when locked-on
  • Decreased the damage and bleed build-up of weapon skill “Corpse Piler” when hit with the blood attack. When hit by the blade, the damage is only decreased slightly
  • Decreased the target tracking ability of sorcery “Stars of Ruin”

In addition to the key changes listed above, several balancing updates have been made. These mainly focus on stability and performance. For more on Elden Ring check out our coverage on how the hardest ‘Elden Ring’ boss could have been much harder.

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