‘Endless Dungeon’ trailer announces OpenDev period starting this month

Starting now, players can apply to participate in the “First Run” OpenDev on June 30

At yesterday’s (June 12) PC Gaming Show, Sega announced that players can finally get their hands on Endless Dungeon, the upcoming rogue-lite, tactical action, tower defence game.

In Endless Dungeon, players are stranded on a mysterious abandoned space station. Recruiting a team of heroes to navigate their way to the core whilst protecting a crystal from never-ending waves of monsters is the key to success here. Endless Dungeon is the spiritual successor to 2014’s Dungeon Of The Endless, but with a new 3D art style and the ability to directly control heroes.

You can watch the “First Run” OpenDev trailer here:


11 years ago, Sega designed the Games2Gether platform to fill a missing link between the dev team and players. As part of this philosophy, they’ve recently introduced OpenDev, a series of targeted gameplay scenarios that act as a method of collecting feedback from the community to directly shape and influence the future of games in development.

If selected to participate in the Endless Dungeon “First Run” OpenDev, players will be granted access on June 30 to test the core loop of the game and provide valuable feedback. The OpenDev is free to enter, but the number of players will be limited.

Players can expect to explore the station in single player, controlling up to three unique heroes. The final game will have multiplayer capabilities up to three players. You’ll also face ten monsters across two deadly districts of the dungeon, gear up with 13 weapons and four devices with upgrades and build ten different turrets for added firepower and support.

Sega have noted that “these are just a few elements that will be found in the full game, and we are looking forward to showing you so much more when the time comes!” If you want to be included in the “First Run” OpenDev for Endless Dungeon, you can sign up now, as the game will be coming soon to PC and consoles.

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