Epic Games announces ‘Fortnite’ Daredevil Cup tournament

The Daredevil Cup gives players a chance to win a Daredevil skin before its release

Epic Games has announced the Daredevil Cup for Fortnite, which will give winners early access to the Daredevil skin ahead of its official release.

The developer announced the Daredevil Cup via a post on the official Fortnite blog. The tournament, which will be played in teams of three, is scheduled to take place on October 14, although a start times for different regions have yet to be announced.

The tournament will pit players against one another in the new the Marvel Knockout mode, which will grant players points (from one to 25), depending on their placement in the match. In order to win the Daredevil skin, players will have to reach a specific overall tournament ranking, with the cut-off varying depending on region.


According to Epic Games, Marvel Knockout mode is a variation of Operation: Knockout. It will grant a players’ team special superpowers, which will be mirrored for all teams in a match, in four-round knockout fights. check out the official rules here.

The Daredevil Cup will be the first of four tournaments leading up to the final Marvel Knockout Super Series on November 21. The winners of the final tournament will walk away with US$1million. All players who participate in all four tournaments will also receive an exclusive Nexus War glider.

In other news, both Epic Games and Apple have announced that the companies have come to an agreement that its ongoing legal battle should be “tried by the Court, and not by a jury”, in a joint statement late last month.

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