Epic Games Store down for several hours

Epically long wait to log in

The Epic Games Store was down for around five hours today (December 22) due to “internet service outages”

Internet service outages affected users of the Epic Games Store today as they could not access the store on online games for around five hours. Epic Games has told users who are still experiencing issues to close and restart their launchers.


Games which were already downloaded to the player’s computer should have been playable, however, as logins were affected they would have been required to be logged in to the launcher before the outages. Users could also not download or purchase games. Epic said on Twitter:

“Internet services outages are currently impacting the Epic Games Store, affecting logins, library, purchases, etc.”

Many games such as the Final Fantasy VII Remake are exclusive on PC to the Epic Games Store. Recently many players criticised the port reporting numerous framerate and lag issues. This was also not the first time that the remake of the PlayStation classic came under fire on PC.

Even before the game was released, fans were disappointed that it would be priced at £65. Following the backlash from this Square Enix removed the price from the store leading people to speculate that it might be lowered.

However, it seems that this was only in preparation for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. The base game only version was removed from the store and replaced with the latest version which includes the Intergrade DLC at the higher price of £70.


In other news, despite it being released very recently, modders have already released a huge number of mods for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake including costumes and weapons. One of the sillier mods allows Aerith to wield a chair rather than her signature staff.

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