‘Escape From Tarkov’ adds a long-awaited gas analyser hideout craft

Thousands of players can breathe a sigh of relief

Escape From Tarkov has been updated to allow players to craft gas analysers in the hideout, addressing an issue where scarcity of the item was preventing players from making mission progress.

Since Escape From Tarkov started its latest wipe on December 12, players have noticed that gas analysers have become notoriously difficult to find. This has caused issues with progression for many players, as the in-game trader Therapist requires players turn in a gas analyser for a very early mission. This meant that many were unable to progress further in her quest line due to the scarcity of gas analysers.

Luckily, Battlestate Games has now made gas analysers craftable in the hideout – something the community has requested long before this wipe.


As showcased by Pestily on Twitter, gas analysers can now be crafted with a level one work bench. The recipe for a gas analyser requires four AA batteries, one Geiger counter, two magnets, four wires, and one elite pliers. While creating a gas analyser takes a sizeable 17 hours to complete, the recipe is likely a welcome change for players who have not found a gas analysers in the ten days since the wipe begun.

A total of three gas analysers need to be found for Therapist – one for Sanitary Standards – Part 1, and a further two for Sanitary Standards – Part 2.

Since patch 12.12 added the Lighthouse, voice chat and more, Battlestate Games has already been working on some further changes. Yesterday, the studio banned even more items from the Flea Market – including Killa’s armour and the Thicc item case. This joins a long list of items that were banned from the Flea Market at the start of the wipe.

In other news, users of Fractal – an NFT marketplace created by Twitch co-founder Justin Kan – have lost around £113,000 in a scam caused by a hacked Discord.