‘Escape From Tarkov’ adds valuable barter trades, makes stash upgrade cheaper

Jaeger will probably stay moody

Escape From Tarkov developers Battlestate Games has added a host of changes to the game, including cheaper stash upgrades for standard edition players and new barter trades for Jaeger.

Battlestate Games has updated Escape From Tarkov with multiple unannounced changes, the biggest of which are a range of new bartering trades available for Jaeger – spotted by Airwingmarine.

At loyalty level one, players can now get their hands on a valuable dogtag case in return for three flash drives, which has caused the price of flash drives to increase by 7 per cent in the last 24 hours as more people discover the trade.


Players can also trade in two damaged Vepr Hunter rifles for a brand new one, which gives more value to the guns when they are too damaged to sell to vendors. Finally, two bottles of vodka will net players a Tac30 scope, while a roll of toilet paper and a weapon safe key will provide the accompanying 30mm ring mount.

At loyalty level two, multiple high-end medical supplies have been made available for antique trades. Jaeger will now offer a Surv12 surgical kit for a vase, and he’ll also offer a grizzly kit in return for a wooden clock. Rounding off the new loyalty level two trades are offers trades for an M700 rifle for beard oil and 6B15 body armour, which Jaeger would like three soaps and four toilet paper rolls for respectively.

The biggest change at loyalty level three is that Jaeger will now sell the Oli logistics department office key for four packets of matches, two crickent lighters and one dry fuel. This is a huge offer as the key is necessary for quests and often sells for a lot on the flea market. This has resulted in a price crash for the typically valuable key – while it still sits at a hefty 215,315 Rubles, it’s decreased in price by 7 per cent today alone.

escape from tarkov
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

Loyalty level three players will also be able to swap moonshine for a Torrey Pines thermal reflex sight, although the quality of the scope is debatable.  The Sicc case trade has also been moved to level four loyalty, and players can now barter for Thicc cases and weapon cases.


These changes to Jaeger add more value to the vendor at a time when players are voicing frustration with the difficulty it takes to level up his reputation. On the Escape From Tarkov Reddit, fans of the game argue that he harshly penalizes players for completing other vendor missions.

Jaeger hasn’t been the only recipient to the latest Escape From Tarkov changes. The level two stash upgrade – which increases the size of a player’s out-of-raid inventory – has been reduced in price from 3,500,000 to 2,500,000 Rubles, making the upgrade significantly more accessible for players who have the standard edition of the game.

This change likely follows feedback that the standard edition stash size doesn’t offer enough space.

In other news, Fortnite will be receiving a Bloodsport skin tomorrow as part of a Suicide Squad crossover, with Idris Elba featuring in the announcement.