‘Escape From Tarkov’ event plunges Lighthouse into chaos

Killa and Tagilla are now roaming Lighthouse together, and there's only one way to get out of the map alive

The latest Escape From Tarkov event heralds bad news for Lighthouse fans, as the map currently has two bosses and limited extracts for players to contend with.

On Saturday (May 28), Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games announced the shooter’s latest event on Twitter.

The announcement is a letter from Tarkov boss Killa to his brother Tagilla. Although it’s in Russian, the short of it is that both bosses have temporarily relocated to Lighthouse, and most of the map’s extracts have been disabled.


Killa and Tagilla – who are typically located on Interchange and Factory respectively – can now be found roaming Lighthouse as a pair. While that’s bad news for anyone looking to survive raids on Lighthouse, the presence of both bosses could prove lucrative for players willing to risk gear and take them both on.

Arguably, the real danger in this event is the changes to extracting on Lighthouse. Right now, PMCs can only leave Lighthouse via the Path To Shoreline extract, meaning it’s been transformed into an unusually high-traffic area where everyone is competing to extract. Over on Reddit, players have already expressed frustration with the funnelled extract becoming a popular spot for campers.

Outside of the event’s in-game effects, Killa’s letter includes another mention of the Keeper, a mysterious character who recently extorted the Escape From Tarkov fanbase. As translated by Twitter user Kraynd, the letter mentions the following:

“The Keeper who scared off all traders won’t be arriving anytime soon. He took his “sighted” bulldog with him, so the Lighthouse is empty now. Such a thing happens once in a lifetime, and we could check out their stashes for free and maybe take something. That’s a unique chance, for real,” teased the note.

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