‘Escape From Tarkov’ heatwave is causing dehydration and higher water prices

It's so damn hot, milk was a bad choice

BattleState Games has added a heatwave event to Escape From Tarkov, putting players at risk of dehydration and skyrocketing the price of water on the market.

The event is making Escape From Tarkov players lose hydration much faster during raids, due to the vastly increased temperature. To survive in maps for longer, players must currently bring drinks with them – or find them in raid – or else risk dying from dehydration, which causes loss of vision and health before resulting in death.

The heatwave is also having a significant effect on the player-driven economy. Using market monitoring site Tarkov Market, we can see that the price of purified water has sharply risen 58 per cent over the last week. Normal bottles of water have increased in price by 79 per cent, while the Aquamari water bottle – which provides more hydration – has risen an incredible 184 per cent.


The event was first announced with a news article showing a weather prediction across the bottom. While the text itself is in Russian, one Twitter user, @BakeeZy, has provided a translation:

“Norvinsk Meteo Station has published a weather forecast for the next few days. It is reported that an anticyclone is coming to Norvinsk Area. Daytime weather is going to rise up to 36 Celsius. Weak south-west wind 0-5 m/s. Nighttime temperature will stay the same.”

“Those temperatures are unusually high for the area, so weather forecasters are confirming a risk of dehydration if correct measures are not implemented,” they added.

This event suggests that Battlestate Games plan on continuing the in-game events that proved hugely popular at the end of last wipe. A previous event in June added thick fog to reduce visibility on all maps, while more dramatic ones included traveling bosses and free entry to the Labs map.


While a higher metabolism skill can mean some higher-level players will be able to better weather out the heatwave, the dramatic hydration drain means that Scavs, Bears and USEC alike will struggle to remain entirely unaffected.

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