‘Escape From Tarkov’ reworks armour effectiveness

Low speed, high drag, more damage

Battlestate Games has announced changes to Escape From Tarkov that will allow more blunt damage to pass through sets of armour.

Armour is essential in Escape From Tarkov, and having a high level of protection can be the difference between a minor wound and instant death. A new update will allow for greater blunt damage to pass through armour when hit by a non-penetrating round, reducing the effectiveness of high-level gear. Battlestate’s tweet details the change:

“Blunt throughput damage increased of all of the armoured equipment. (by 20% – helmets, armour vests, 40% – armoured rigs).” This change means that armour will still prevent death from incoming rounds, but the amount of damage that passes through to players will be increased as cheaper, low penetration rounds will have a much greater impact.



Escape From Tarkov prides itself on a high representation of reality as far as its ballistics are concerned. Even when a round fails to penetrate an armoured plate or Kevlar weave, the wearer will still feel the energy of a high-speed lump of metal. While this was modeled in the game, it was possible to take a bullet and ignore it because more expensive sets of armour would do most of the work.

This balance change could have several effects. Players with lower quality gear may find themselves more competitive when fighting players with high-tier loadouts, as weapons with low pen ammo but high fire rates could overwhelm enemy armour quicker than they previously could. This could have a knock-on effect for the meta, and will likely have a knock-on effect on the Flea Market, as high-tier armour will decrease in price to reflect reduced effectiveness.

However, high penetration ammo will still outperform lower-tier ammo and will still be the ammo of choice for those who can afford it.


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