‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch 12.11.2 makes it easier to earn Scav karma

The update brings changes to the Scav karma system, new quests and more

Patch notes for the next Escape From Tarkov have been released, detailing changes to the Scav system and more.

Battlestate Games has shared a preliminary changelog for Escape From Tarkov patch, which focuses on improving the Scav karma experience, fixing bugs and making several quality of life additions.

The biggest change in the patch notes is that Player Scavs will now earn reputation with Fence every time they successfully extract from raids, meaning that players will have a much easier time improving their standing with Fence.


Working in hand with that update, there is now an additional reward for earning maximum reputation with the Fence, as there will be a 30 per cent discount “on all items bought from Fence on maximum loyalty level”.

The patch notes also add that “PMC-Scav cooperation extracts are now permanently available on all locations” and that Player Scavs will now be able to use the sorting table when moving their gear into the stash.

Though details are vague, the patch also adds new quests for “high-level players”, meaning that there will be more endgame content for dedicated fans to enjoy.

There are also several quality of life features added with patch Players who aren’t yet level 20 will easily use Flea Market filters to buy items from traders, and auto-sorting dog tags will now organize them based on level.

Battlestate Games is also adding a “very low” graphics preset, which should make it easier for struggling PC rigs to pick the simplest option for performance.


Plenty of important bugs have been fixed in the update, including a problematic bug across all maps where “players couldn’t turn while prone on elevated surfaces”. Sound will now correctly layer throughout Resort on Shoreline, and the update fixes freezing when players are browsing tabs on Trader screens.

There are many other bug fixes, so it’s worth checking out the preliminary Escape From Tarkov patch notes for a full list.

Patch will launch on August 10, though the game will be unavailable for roughly four hours – starting at 8AM BST – so that Battlestate can implement the patch.

In other news, a stealth patch for Escape From Tarkov recently slashed the price of keys and altered the performance stats for a variety of armour and weapons.