‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch 12.11.5 fixes plenty of bugs and teases big changes

The update adds a slew of performance improvements and sets the stage for better quests

The latest Escape From Tarkov patch notes for update 12.11.5 detail a host of performance and bug fixes and lays the groundwork for some more significant changes down the line.

Battlestate Games has released patch notes for update, which primarily fixes bugs and improves the overall optimisation of Escape From Tarkov.

This includes adjustments that “reduce the amount of consumed RAM after finishing a raid”, as well as several other changes that mean players should be able to load into raids faster.


A new setting – “enable hideout pre-load” – will let players pre-load the hideout to avoid extra loading screens, though it can be disabled to decrease the time it takes to load into the main menu.

One of the most significant changes in update is that every weapon now has a “maximum single fire rate parameter”, which will vary between each gun and ensure that players cannot use macros to fire weapons at an impossibly fast speeds.

Behind the scenes, several logic changes mean that there should be fewer annoying crashes or freezing when trying to deal with the stash and inventory menus.

Outside of some significant improvements to performance, the patch notes also tease some more considerable content coming in the future. Update has moved the AI of all NPC characters (Scavs, Raiders and Bosses) to a new “technology platform”, which will allow Battlestate Games to “increase the number of Scavs in a single raid in the future” and “increase the complexity” of their behaviour.

The patch notes also say that the team has “completely redesigned the quest system engine”, which will improve stability within the quest system “and will facilitate the creation of more diverse and engaging quest mechanics in the future”.


The Escape From Tarkov update also fixes a long line of minor bugs, including flashlight beams shining through walls and Factory boss Tagilla getting stuck in a cistern.

In other news, a Skyrim mod has given the gloomy hold of Falkreath a gorgeous overhaul.