‘Escape From Tarkov’ patch secretly added new quests with big changes

Completing Shooter Born In Heaven is going to be even tougher

Although it was not mentioned in the patch notes, the latest Escape From Tarkov wipe has changed the way that several quests in the game work – and added three new ones.

Last week, Escape From Tarkov patch was released – bringing a wipe, an expansion to the Lighhouse map, and plenty of new weapons.

However, the patch notes released by Battlestate Games did not mention that several quests in the shooter have also been changed – and there are even some new ones for players to find. These changes have been compiled by Tarkov News, and there are a few major alterations to existing quests.


Firstly, Debut – the very first task that Prapor offers players – no longer requires players kill Scavs on Customs, as the five required kills can now be carried out on any map in Tarkov.

Escape From Tarkov sunshine
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games

Several of Jaeger’s Survivalist Path quests have also been changed – Zhivichik can no longer be completed on Factory, meaning players will have to survive being dehydrated elsewhere. Likewise, Jaeger will not count Scavs killed on Factory toward progressing Eagle-Owl.

Prapor’s Punisher Part 5 has received one of the most significant changes, as completing it will no longer reward players with the ability to purchase 7.62×39 BP ammo from the trader. Instead, this will be rewarded by completing Grenadier – a task given by Prapor at level 30, which is ten levels higher than Punisher Part 5.

Shooter Born In Heaven, arguably one of Escape From Tarkov‘s hardest quests, has also been made more difficult. Headshots will now need to be landed from 125 meters to count, and players will also need to kill several PMCs on Lighthouse to turn in the task.

Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games


Finally, three new quests have been added with this wipe. Broadcast tasks players with finding a hidden recording studio on Lighthouse and planting a signal jammer there, while Reconnaissance – which also takes place on Lighthouse – requires climbing up to the rooftops of three office buildings on the map.

The last new quest is called Stray Dogs, and requires hunting down Escape From Tarkov‘s three new Scav bosses – Big Pipe, Knight, and Birdeye.

Earlier in the month, Battlestate Games revealed that Escape From Tarkov players managed to extract with 1.6 quadrillion roubles last wipe.