‘Escape From Tarkov’ players extracted with 1.6 quadrillion roubles last wipe

Battlestate Games has shared some statistics from life before the reset

Following a wipe of Escape From Tarkov earlier this week, Battlestate Games has shared some statistics from life before the reset.

Despite being teased for yesterday (June 30), Battlestate Games released their patch on Wednesday (June 29) following a complete wipe of the game.

Between the last wipe and this one, players earned 1.6 quadrillion roubles from raids, with 43 trillion coming from events.


Battlestate Games has also revealed that 68 per cent of players joined the USEC faction, which unsurprisingly gave them 69 per cent of all kills. It’s been reported that PMC’s were responsible for over 284million kills, with scavs racking up just under 75million.

During the months since the last Escape From Tarkov wipe, 51,642 players achieved max strength while 116,055 achieved max endurance. It’s also revealed that of the 1.4million players who took on the free access labs, just over 277,000 survived.

Check out the full list of data below:

The new Escape From Tarkov patch also sees the elite Strength skill effect reworked. “Now, weapons equipped on sling, on back, and in the holster become weightless. All other equipment and item weight in chest rigs, backpacks, pouches, and secured containers is counted normally. Before this change, all equipment and weapons were weightless,” read the patch notes.

The patch also brings with it an offline co-op mode for all players who purchased the Edge Of Darkness pre-order edition alongside reworked movement animations, new daily tasks for player scavs and a variety of new weapons and graphical improvements. It also introduces three new bosses who are “the commanders of the ex-USEC PMC group known as Rogues.”


Knight, Bird Eye and Big Pipe will help each other and will patrol the Lighthouse, the Shoreline, the Woods, and Customs. Check out the full patch notes here.

In other news, EA has begun to open up playtesting opportunities for the next Skate game, alongside some very early footage of the title during its development.


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