‘Escape From Tarkov’ shares impressive Twitch drops and New Year stats

Over 100million poor Scavs were murdered over the festive season

Battlestate Games has posted an infographic on how Twitch drops and the New Year event have gone for Escape From Tarkov, revealing millions of murders and even more hours spent watching the game.

In a Twitter post shared yesterday (January 9), Battlestate Games shared an insight into how the player base was celebrating the new year.

From December 24 to January 9, players watched an impressive 82,492million hours of Escape From Tarkov, which resulted in over 15million Twitch drops being distributed to players. In total, the hardcore shooter attracted a peak of 475,546 concurrent viewers on Twitch.


Within the game, things took a much more violent turn. Although 56.6million raids were escaped alive, it’s slightly outnumbered by 57.3million deaths. Scavs in Tarkov were the losers of the last few weeks of Tarkov, and a whopping 106million of them were killed while the statistics were being tracked.

On a more festive note, the recent New Year event – which added Christmas trees in raids and hideouts – was celebrated by plenty of players. 658,229 Christmas trees were built during the event, which were used to create nearly 2million craftable items. These crafting recipes needed a variety of Christmas ornaments that could be found in the game, and players didn’t hesitate to search for them as just under 1.3million of these ornaments were looted.

Back in December, Escape From Tarkov also offered a valuable New Year’s present that included an MK17, an ammo case, and more.

All of this free stuff has likely been welcomed by players, however Escape From Tarkov is currently experiencing ongoing server issues that makes getting into the game difficult. Earlier in the month, Battlestate Games COO Nikita Buyanov said an organisation was “attacking” the servers.


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