‘Escape From Tarkov’ streamer plays with a Nintendo 64 controller

Though the streamer struggles with basic tasks like opening doors, he does kill several players using the clunky controller

One Escape From Tarkov fan has shared a video of the hardcore shooter being played with a Nintendo 64 controller.

Streamer PoppaElite – real name David – has shared a clip of him playing Escape From Tarkov with a Nintendo 64 controller.

Although the controller has a reputation for being notoriously clunky to hold, David still manages to get the better of several hostile players he runs into.


In the clip below, you can see David fairly accurately gunning down other players. This includes winning firefights against several fairly high level players, as well as landing an impressive headshot on the Sniper Scav at Woods.

The full stream with David using the Nintendo 64 controller can be found here.

Despite the clip showcasing several solid kills, it also highlights the streamer struggling to deal with basic tasks – including walking through a door.

“That’s basically the definition of how awkward this is – I couldn’t even get out the door before it closed,” lamented David.

After sharing the clip, David said “I don’t recommend anyone [plays] on that thing.”


Escape From Tarkov
Escape From Tarkov. Credit: Battlestate Games.

When asked if he’s ever tried to play Escape From Tarkov with a more conventional controller, David said “I haven’t, but after playing on that nightmare I definitely think it would be playable as long as you’re willing to sacrifice some actions,” and added that anyone trying to do so would need “to be smart about keybinds/mapping”.

In other Escape From Tarkov news, last week (February 22) Battlestate Games briefly took servers down to implement patch

The update addressed some performance issues within the game’s interface and fixed some general bugs that could be found within raid – including rain appearing indoors, infinite Scav loading screens, and a problem where shotguns were dealing no damage.

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