‘Escape From Tarkov’ teases landmines and expansion to Lighthouse map

'Tarkov' fans think an expansion to Lighthouse could be coming later this month

Escape From Tarkov developer Battlestate Games has seemingly started teasing an expansion for the shooter’s map called Lighthouse, as well as the addition of landmines.

As spotted by Tarkov News, yesterday (April 19) Battlestate Games posted a letter to the official Escape From Tarkov Discord server, which Twitter user Bakeezy has translated:

“Chepushila, you won’t believe what I got into! Raiders almost killed me. Got me tied up at factory, but I escaped. I’ll tell you more in person. I’m hiding at the Lighthouse for now. Of course you would say they don’t give a shit about me…but I can feel it with my ass, I’m being followed.”


“P.S. That trader ain’t here too. The one that sells the best electronics to rich people. I hope it wont cause any shortages or problems with electronics now,” ends the note.

The note teases the addition of an in-person trader to Lighthouse, a character that Escape From Tarkov director Nikita Buyanov has previously discussed. The area’s namesake – the Lighthouse on the edge of the map – is currently not accessible, but Battlestate Games has already said that the map will be expanded in the future.

The letter shared to the Discord seems to suggest that this expansion is imminent, while the above image posted by Buyanov – artwork displaying a room that’s not currently in the game – may even tease a release date for the game. The room’s number – 428 – could hint at an April 28 release date for the expansion, as earlier in the year Battlestate Games revealed the date for the game’s last wipe in a similar manner.

As to what else could be coming to the game, yesterday Buyanov posted an image of what appears to be a close-up shot of a landmine. While landmines already exist as environmental hazards in Lighthouse and certain other Escape From Tarkov maps, some players think the mysterious image suggests that players will be able to place their own landmines in a future update.

While nothing’s been confirmed just yet, April has been a busy month for Tarkov – last week, an update added DLSS functionality and several new guns to the game. For more on Lighthouse, check out our Lighthouse map guide. You’ll find info on extracts, loot locations, and more.


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