‘EU IV’ mod converts Earth into a fictional fantasy realm

EU IV gets the vampire treatment in the newest update to the mod

A Europa Universalis IV mod, titled Anbennar, transforms Earth into a highly detailed map of a fantasy world.

Every element of EU IV is included in the mod, with governments, events, nations, religions, and even species created to fit within the theme so that none of the original map remains.

Anbennar started life as a simple EU IV mod for a D&D fantasy world but has since attracted numerous authors and players, combining their skills to create multiple updates and systems.


Of Gods And Gears, the most recent update, is referred to on the Steam page as the largest ever done. Introducing a new religion called Ravelianism, the update features a mechanic to craft Artificery through Research and Privileges.

Mission trees have been updated to encompass this new religion and culture, while also embellishing the gnome, goblin, and Kobold branches. Vampires are included and will come with their own set of systems and rules.

There is currently work being done on a Crusader Kings version of Anbennar to bring the game to a wider audience. Any updates to the EU IV version can be found on Twitter.

Back in May, the Europa Universalis IV developer apologised for the “low quality” of the Leviathan DLC and others leading up to it.

In a post made on Paradox Interactive‘s official forum, Paradox Tinto Studio Manager and EU IV Game Director Johan Andersson apologised for the disappointment regarding the recent Leviathan DLC, and other releases leading up to it.


Leviathan was one of the worst releases we have,” said Andersson. “As the Studio Manager and Game Director, at the end of the day, this is my responsibility, so I have to apologize for this. This is entirely my fault.”