‘Euro Truck Simulator 2’ update improves Iberia’s road network

Haul goods through an updated Iberia

SCS Software has released an update to Euro Truck Simulator 2 that adds more roads to the previously simple Iberia.

The Iberian peninsula was released for Euro Truck Simulator 2 in April this year. Since then, community feedback led the map design team to return to the area and bring in some new content for truckers to explore.


The main focus of the update was to bring new country and rural roads to the area. These would connect to the already existing highways added in the previous update. These would allow for more scenic routes as truckers commute between the Tabernas Desert and Madrid.

The announcement page comes with more specific detail on the routes. “So where will be these new roads located? The first new addition can be found north of Madrid, linking together the A-1 and A-2 highways. This new road (N-234) passes alongside the city, which also happens to be located by the River Douro, the mouth of which can be found in Portugal.”

“The second new road can be found in the south of Portugal, starting near the city of Sines, passing by the city of Beja and ending in Spain, just above Seville. These new roads will not only provide truckers with alternative routes whilst out on delivery, but also more beautiful scenery and areas to explore in Iberia.”

Euro Truck Simulator 2’s update to Iberia was designed and created by new map designers as part of their training program, and SCS Software was so impressed that it has chosen to add it to the main game. With the extra staff members, SCS aims to have the capacity to allow them to revisit and update older parts of the game world, so this may not be the last addition to the previous DLC that will come to Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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