EVGA to replace all RTX 3090s fried by ‘New World’ closed beta issues

EVGA are even sending out replacement GPUs without waiting for the faulty ones to be sent and tested

Chip manufacturer EVGA has confirmed that it will be replacing all of its RTX 3090 GPUs that were fried due to issues during the closed beta for New World.

Speaking to PC Gamer, a spokesperson for EVGA said, “Yes, all failed 3090’s are being replaced.”

After players reported their GPU woes when attempting to play the Amazon MMO at unlocked frame rates, it appeared that this was specifically affecting EVGA GPUs.


Amazon Game Studios has since released a hotfix to address the issue by locking the frame rate settings.

New World
New World. Credit: Amazon Game Studios, Double Helix Games

“We have implemented an update to reduce GPU load in menu screens by clamping FPS,” the developer wrote on the New World forum. “This does not affect settings in game world available via the Settings/Video menu!”

However, it also claimed that it had seen no indication of widespread issues with 3090s, either in the beta or alpha phases, assuring players that the closed beta is “safe to play”.

While RTX 3090s are in scarce supply – and expensive to boot – EVGA appears not to be leaving out its customers out in the cold, shipping replacement GPUs before the fried ones have even been returned and tested.

According to YouTuber Jason Langevin however, GPU issues with New World are not limited to EVGA or solely 3090 chips, tweeting, “The issue definitely is with SOMETHING in the way the game New World is rendering. This ISNT a 3090’exclusive issue! PERIOD!!”


The New World closed beta is running until August 2. When it launched earlier this week (July 20), it reached nearly 200,000 concurrent players on Steam in its first 24 hours. It proved just as popular on Twitch, where in the same time, it racked up over 600,000 viewers.

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