‘Fallout 76’ gets new update with multiple camps and SPECIAL loadouts

New locations, new enemies, and new rewards

The newest Fallout 76 update has been announced, entitled Locked & Loaded, and will feature multiple changes to the game.

Notably, many of the changes – coming to Fallout 76 tomorrow (April 27) – appear to have been fan requests, including the option to preside over multiple camps, and the new SPECIAL loadout system.

The SPECIAL loadout will allow players who surpass Level 25 to swap between two sets of stat and perk configurations at will. In order to activate this option, Fallout 76 players will have to visit one of the newly added punch-card stations.


According to the announcement post, it will now be possible for each player to own two camps, although only one will remain active at a time. Inventories will be shared across both – but the individual camp locations will have to be toggled manually through a system new to Fallout 76.

Alongside these changes, an aim assist is being added to Fallout 76, along with crafting sliders and improvements to melee combat. There will be a considerable expansion to the Daily Ops, with a new game mode, new locations, new enemies, and new rewards.

The new update brings with it the introduction of Season Four – described on the Fallout blog as having players “team up with Armor Ace and the Power Patrol as they square off against Commissioner Chaos and the Yukon Five during Season 4, which introduces a new Scoreboard, 100 ranks to achieve, and tons of rewards to claim along the way.”

Modders recently bought the Responders Faction from Fallout 76 into Fallout 4, allowing players to “embark on a suspenseful adventure with the last surviving member of the Commonwealth Responders.”