‘Fallout: London’ to include music inspired by The Beatles and David Bowie

Around 45 original music tracks have been written for the expansive 'Fallout 4' mod

Upcoming DLC-sized Fallout 4 mod Fallout: London will include a number of original music tracks inspired by the works of British artists like The Beatles and David Bowie.

That’s according to Fallout: London’s project lead Dean Carter, who told NME in a recent interview that the mod’s development team has created around 45 original songs that either take inspiration from ‘50s and ‘60s British music, or reflect a specific part of the mod itself.

“Anything that has been sort of, like covered, it’s either in the public domain, or we’ve got permission to use them,” explained Carter. “The one that like skirts the line the most is ‘Nuclear Submarine’, rather than obviously ‘Yellow Submarine’”.


The ‘Nuclear Submarine’ track – along with a David Bowie-inspired song – is completely original, but aims to evoke the musical style it’s emulating whilst putting a Fallout spin on it.

“One of the songs is singing about the different tube stations,” Carter adds. “[Or] some of them might be mentioning the state of our lore before the game starts.”

These songs will also take a look at the established information from Bethesda, whose Fallout games all focus on the post-apocalypse in America, and incorporate that into their writing as well.

Since 1997’s Fallout, the series has used licensed music to set the tone for its 1950s retro-futurist aesthetic. Bethesda’s Fallout 3 then introduced the in-game radio stations, which played licensed tracks whilst the player was roaming the world and had them strung together by fictional DJs.


“We’ve got a radio DJ,” Carter added. “They’ll be introducing everything and called Nigel The Nihilist”. This character will also have lines recorded that specifically address the players actions in the game, and others that link between different songs as they’re played on the radio as well.

You can learn more about the Fallout: London mod on its website and Twitter account.

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