Family-friendly Intellivision Amico console has been delayed a third time

The console will still reportedly release by the end of 2021

The Intellivision Amico, which was revealed in 2018, has once again been delayed due to issues created by the global coronavirus pandemic.

Based on a retro console of the same name, the Intellivision Amico is set to feature simple 2D and 2.5D video games. The console will provide a family-focused couch co-op gaming experience, with short affordable games which are purchasable through an online store.

The Intellivision Amico had been initially delayed until October of this year. The manufacturers behind the console, Intellivision Entertainment, has confirmed it will now launch closer to the end of this year.


Intellivision Entertainment quietly confirmed the news in an email sent out on Friday (August 6): “We originally planned to launch Amico in the Fall of 2020 but had to adapt during the midst of the global pandemic disrupting our production.” There is still no mention of the delay on the manufacturers official website.

“In spite of these supply hurdles hampering our ability to fill all orders, we are focused and determined to deliver pre-ordered units by the end of the year,” confirmed the email.

The console, which has been delayed three times, will feature a unique controller which looks somewhat similar to a Dreamcast VMU (virtual memory unit). It features a small touch screen, a gyroscope and accelerometer, force feedback and a 64-way pressure-sensitive directional disc.

Mattel Electronics released the original Intellivision console in 1979 to compete with the Atari 2600. Although the latter is more commonly known, the Intellivision was more powerful and featured a wider colour spectrum.


Elsewhere, Activision has confirmed that the previously rumoured Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 remaster does not exist. Several prominent leakers had announced the game’s development, but Activision has now denied those claims in a statement.