Fan-led MMO Toontown Rewritten gets first major expansion tomorrow

That's a good gag

Toontown Rewritten, the fan revival project of Disney’s MMO Toontown Online, has its first-ever expansion launching tomorrow.

The Sellbot Task Force expansion sees The Elm Street Toon HQ taken over by the Cogs, the game’s main antagonists. The trailer shows the Toon HQ being crushed by a large tower with eyes, the Sellbot Field Office. In turn, a group of Toons gather together to take the tower down, setting up the Sellbot Task Force. It will be up to players to make their way through the tower without using some of their gags, which are jokes you would typically use to take down Cogs.


As players progress through the floors, they will face off against souped-up Sellbots, and if you manage to beat them, your ineffective gag tracks will get powered up. There will be various ways to take down the Cogs as you progress through the tower. One floor will see you fighting Cogs off with water balloons, and another will see you ice skating through an office attempting to raise the temperature.

Toontown Online initially launched in 2003, with all servers taken down by 2013. Toontown Rewritten was originally a private server, but in 2014 it launched an open beta for fans of the original game to try out. The beta came to an end in 2017 and has received semi-regular updates since then, but The Sellbot Task Force is the first full expansion for the game. Toontown Rewritten isn’t affiliated with Disney, and both it and the upcoming expansion are free to download and play.

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