‘Far Cry 7’ could go for an online-oriented approach

The series may be heading in a drastic new direction

The potentially titled Far Cry 7 might focus more on an online-oriented approach, a few sources are noting. 

Stephen Totlio mentioned this in the Axios Gaming email newsletter, saying that journalist Jason Schreier said in June about the series going in a “radically different direction” actually “tracks with a source of my own who said the company was exploring a more online-oriented approach for a sequel.”

The recently released Far Cry 6 seems to be dividing critics, as some are pleased with the overall gameplay loop whilst others note that the formula used since Far Cry 3 in 2012 is feeling incredibly stale.


Far Cry 6
Far Cry 6. Credit: Ubisoft

NME’s review for the game scored it four out of five stars and said, “it’s the same old toothless Far Cry game. It does a great job of that, but there’s no point going in expecting it to be anything else.”

Exactly what this “online-oriented approach” for the next Far Cry game means remains to be seen. Still, considering Far Cry 6 has just been released, Ubisoft will likely be waiting to see how everything looks once the dust settles before it commits to any series shifting decisions if they haven’t already been made.

A few other Ubisoft series have undergone recent change, or in fact, will. Assassin’s Creed saw a substantial shakeup with Assassin’s Creed Origins in 2017, and Ghost Recon is going in a completely new direction with Ghost Recon Frontline, which sees the series adopt a 100 plus player team-based Battle Royale game.

In other news, a developer for Apex Legends has said that Respawn Entertainment will be looking into ranked arenas soon, as players have been reporting problems.

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