‘Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water’ remake to include all content from the original

Now on consoles other than Wii U

Makoto Shibata, director of the original and remake of Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water, has confirmed that the new release will include all original costumes and content, following concerns that the age rating has been downgraded in some regions.

In an interview with JPGamesShibata confirmed that despite the change to the age rating in Germany, no costumes or content has been removed or altered. Koei-Tecmo has no plans currently to release DLC separately for the remake of the fifth entry in the Fatal Frame series, but a digital art book and costumes from previous games will be available to purchase at the game’s release, October 28.

He confirmed that all costumes which were previously sold as DLC for the Wii U version are included in the updated release. Costumes will need to be unlocked between missions using points you collect during gameplay before you can wear them.


Shibata also expressed that he was pleased with the response towards the announcement of the remaster. Translated from the original by NME he said:

“This title was released for the 20th anniversary and we do not have plans for any other remastered versions from the series. However, the reaction we got exceeded our expectations, so we might reconsider it in the future.”

With Fatal Frame: Maiden of the Black Water previously only released on Wii U, which had underwhelming hardware sales, Shibata also hope that more fans will be able to enjoy the new release as it is available on various platforms.

In other remake news, following the success of the Persona 4 Golden PC port, Sega has announced in a financial report that it wishes to lengthen the sales period for old IPs by focusing on remakes, remasters and reboots.

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