FaZe Clan CEO: “Esports isn’t a lucrative business in the near term”

The eSports company is moving toward entertainment

FaZe Clan CEO, Lee Trink, has detailed his plans for the future in an interview, claiming that “esports isn’t a lucrative business in the near term”.

Addressing concerns of the industry’s direction in an interview with Digiday, Trink detailed his plans for FaZe Clan. He described the new direction as “going deeper into content”, claiming the team had “permission from our fans” to do so, given the size of their fanbase.

The types of content vary from “a video on TikTok to a two hour film”, with Trink explaining the premise as “if the audience likes it then there’s value in it.” He continued, explaining that FaZe Clan have plans to move into a wider range of content creation, having recently poached NFL’s Head of Content.


“We’re looking at podcasts, films, short- and long-form properties as well as documentaries,” he went on to say, “These are projects that we feel we have permission from our audience to do.

The goal is IP creation and to continue to build out our content on our channels for content that we can sell multiple times worldwide. This is about gaming as entertainment, and esports is a segment of that. It’s the live professional, competitive side of it which is a smaller, albeit important, piece of the pie when it comes to time spent on gaming.”

Trink attributed some of the ambitions to the beginnings of FaZe Clan, when the founding members filmed themselves playing and built up a fanbase from their personalities. In the interview he describes their success as being “cool at a moment where gamers weren’t, necessarily.”