FaZe Clan member Cented kicked from organisation due to use of racist slur

"We and the gaming community at large can't tolerate discriminatory language any longer"

FaZe Clan has kicked professional Fortnite player Evan “Cented” Barron from the organisation following the surfacing of a video where Barron used a racial slur.

In the clip (via Jake Lucky) a live streamer joins a Discord call with Barron in it only for the latter to immediately greet them with the slur.

Following the circulation of this clip, FaZe Clan took immediate action and removed Barron from the organisation. The group then gave a statement on Twitter regarding the situation: “FaZe is constantly evolving and we expect our members to do the same. Cented is permanently removed from FaZe due to his use of hate speech. We, and the gaming community at large can’t tolerate discriminatory language any longer.”


Immediately after his removal, Barron made a brief Tweet apologising for his actions: “I’m sorry guys. No longer with FaZe, mutually parted ways with them, I made a mistake and theres no excuses, will only try and do better.”

He later made a longer statement regarding his removal, firstly apologising for choosing to act wrongly. He then apologised to the Fortnite community for being a poor role model and human being. Barron then affirms that he is not a racist person but rather allowed a racist word to slip into his vocabulary and apologises for his ignorance. Lastly, he laments letting his ego get the best of him and says he lost himself “in pursuit of greatness.”

FaZe Clan removed one member and suspended an additional three last year after the group was found to be promoting a cryptocurrency pump-and-dump scheme.

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