Faze streamer Nickmercs promoted maskless event after TwitchCon reversal

TwitchCon recently backtracked on its mask and vaccine policy after backlash

Faze Clan’s Nicholas “Nickmercs” Kolcheff has directly responded to TwitchCon’s recent mask and COVID vaccine mandate by saying a Faze event will be doing the opposite.

Kolcheff’s statement comes as both Faze Clan and Twitch are holding events in San Diego, California this month, with TwitchCon recently reversing its policy on no masks or vaccination documents after backlash.

“Masks will be required indoors, as well as either proof of vaccination or a negative covid test,” said Twitch. “Let’s make the ultimate squad up safe and accessible for everyone.”


Within 30 minutes of Twitch’s statement on the same day (August 12), Kolcheff quote tweeted Twitch saying Faze Clan’s event would have “no mask requirements, [and] no vaccine requirements,” (via Eurogamer).

When asked in a thread if his tweet was satire, Kolcheff responded: “It’s important to let my community know we won’t have those restrictions. Pro choice”. This was met with concern that Faze is putting its fans and employees at risk, with Kolcheff then being asked if he was comfortable with the associated health risks.

“Absolutely. It’s time to get back to it. We’re here and we’re gone. It goes by quick. If you wanna live in fear of a virus, be my guest. The CDC backed off. We’re following all the rules and state guidelines. I’m gonna get out there and live live live.”

According to the California government’s website, mask mandates and vaccination proof aren’t required, but both are “strongly” recommended at “mega-events” of over 1,000 people for anyone aged two and up.

The state also recommends that anyone attending an event aged 18 or over should provide proof that they are in fact the person any sort of negative test applies to, and that they are  the one with the valid ticket for the venue itself.


In other news, eight fire engines have responded to a fire at Nintendo’s Kyoto headquarters, although no one was reportedly hurt.

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