‘FIFA 23’ in-game footage reveals a host of new features and exclusive current-gen changes

The current-gen versions are receiving exclusive improvements

EA has shared a first look at FIFA 23 in action, and detailed all of the new features that are coming to the series. 

While the game will also be releasing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the current generation versions of FIFA 23 (including PC and Stadia versions) will have some improvements that won’t appear in the versions for the older hardware.

This includes HyperMotion2 technology, which uses advanced 11v11 match capturing and machine learning to create “over 6,000 authentic true-to-football animations, transferred directly from the real world pitch to the game.”


The match capturing has resulted in over 9million frames of data for the machine learning algorithm, which is the most motion capture data for a FIFA game yet. As a result, an increased amount of animations will make FIFA 23 look more lifelike than previous titles.

The advanced match capturing technology is stated to be the backbone of many of the game’s different aspects. Players in women’s football will now have three different movement sets based on height, will receive new movement visuals based on players including Sam Kerr, and will have hundreds of new exclusive animations for shots, kick-offs, celebrations, dribbling, and more.

The bulk of other improvements are control related. Technical Dribbling is a new feature mentioned, which aims to “improve the feeling of movement while controlling the ball, making turning and dribbling feel more responsive”, with aspects such as precision, the distance between the ball and the player, and the speed of the ball carrier all having an effect.

There are also tighter controls when keeping up with attackers, along with AcceleRATE, which allows the game to “showcase personality in player acceleration with the goal of improving the viability of different player types.”


FIFA 23 will also introduce Power Shots, a “high risk, high reward” ability that EA hopes will “introduce an additional layer of skill to shooting, designed so that players who manage to carve out their own space and aim precisely are rewarded for doing so.”

In other news, the iconic “oof” death sound effect has been removed from Roblox.

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